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I have a passion for rap music. I have been working with this genre for the past 13 years. Uniting my passion for rap music and the 14 years of social service experience, I joined this group to make a tribute to Pathway to Choices. For the past few years I worked at the Day Program with some great human beings, who are our consumers. I am pleased to have found a job place where the consumer's needs are addressed. As an instructor, I have seen the difference that this agency does in comparison to others out there. For that reason I wish for our services to expand and in the future, I can be the director of one its branches. – Timothy Vaughn

My computer technician skills became useful to create different beats.  I was working as an instructor at Pathway to Choices Day Program and joined the group. Everyone came up with their own lyrics to complete the song. The main reason this song exists is because one of the consumer expressed his real life story rapping in this song. I have an education background experience, so when I was an Instructor at the Day Program I was able to compare it to a teaching institution. Pathway to Choices Day Program teaches its consumers so they can be successful people in society. – Grover Dixon

I created my lyrics describing the activities I do at the day program. I have been here at the Pathway to Choices Day Program for about 2 years already. Tim is one of the instructors at the program, so he introduced me to the whole aspect of rapping. I really like the math and sign language class, and I enjoy all the social events we have here at the day program, because this program is the best! – Jonathan

A court order placed me in Pathway to Choices Day Program. I was going and doing the wrong things, so my case manager referred me to this program. I came here and I was set straight. After my court order finished, I decided to continue attending the program because I enjoy being here. The consumers, instructors, everybody, and everything we learn and do here make it a wonderful place to be. I want for Pathway to Choices to expand its services and bring in more instructors to work with all of us at the day program service. – Greg