Supported Living Services

Supported Living Services provide support to people with developmental disabilities who would like to live in their own homes. Supported Living Services is provided based on several principles and these principles give guidance to the mission, policies and practices of the vendored agency. All individuals should have a) A home of their own: meaning that they decide where they want to live and with whom they want to live. Additionally, any housing contract should be in their own name in order to avoid any conflicts with anyone including the agency that provide the services to them; b) Choice and Self Directed: in this regard consumers plan their future, their choices and choose who will provide the services to them and who will work with them on a daily basis; c) Relationships, consumers choose who their circle of support is and everyone involved (regional center, agency, friends, doctors, family, conservators, etc…) is under the obligation to support consumer and consumer to be satisfied; d) Community Membership: the individual participates and joins his/her community clubs, groups, organizations and religious groups as he/she desires. Accessibility to local and community generic and resources is a must in order for him/her to take full advantage; e) Flexible, Tailored Services and Supports: prior to services being started, an IPP and ISP is developed through a person-centered planning process. The "service plan" guides the services and supports the individual will need and also reflected in the service plan will be the changes that need to be done whenever the individual's needs change. By doing this, services get stronger because the individual is empowered with confidence and a better quality of life is achieved.