Independent Living Services

Independent Living Philosophy: Independent living is participating in a day-to-day life, living where you choose and making decisions that lead to self determination. Most Americans take for granted opportunities they have regarding living arrangements, employment situations, means of transportation, social and recreational activities, and other aspect of life. However, people with disabilities not only have to deal with the effect of their disabling conditions, but they also have to deal with both physical and attitudinal barriers. Otherwise, they are likely to be limited to a life of dependency and low personal satisfaction. Millions of people all over America who experience disabilities have established lives of independence. They fulfill many different roles in their communities, from employer and employee to marriage partners, students, athletes, politicians, and taxpayers. The list is unlimited. In most cases, the barriers facing these people have not been removed, but these individuals have been successful in overcoming or dealing with them. It is living just like everyone else; having opportunities to make decisions that affect one's life, being able to pursue activities of one's own choosing, and being limited only in the same way that one's non-disabled neighbors are.

Independent living should not merely be defined in terms of living on one's own, being employed in a job fitting's one capabilities and interests, or having an active social life.Independent living has to do with self determination and having the right and opportunity to pursue a course of action. And it is having the freedom to fail and learn from one's failures just as non-disabled people do.