Independent Living Services

Independent living is participating in a day-to-day life, living where you choose and making decisions that lead to self determination. Most Americans take for granted opportunities they have regarding living arrangements, employment situations, means of transportation, social and recreational activities, and other aspect of life.

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Supported Living Services

Our Agency provides consumers with the essential support that will allow them to continue living in their own homes in a safe, healthy, and positive relationship.

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Day Program

How The Program Works: PTC tailors Support and Services to meet each person's needs and preferences and can change as the individual does. Our goals and objectives promote consumer's free will, Self-Determination and Self-Advocacy – We want to teach our clientele new interpersonal skills and practice these skills by participating in People First Meetings, agency Governance meetings, Support Groups, and on-site support groups.

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Competency Training

Consumers who are found incompetent to stand trial by the courts may be ordered by the judge to receive Competency Training. This service is about learning and getting prepared for the trial process. The training may take place either at the county jail or in their privacy of their homes.